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The Edge Report – How It Works

Most consumers buy or lease cars every 36 months, while car salesmen do this all day, everyday. They are highly trained and know all of the ins and outs on how to squeeze every last penny from you. Unfortunately for the car dealerships we are lifting the curtains and exposing their secrets. Below is a step by step guide on how The Edge Report will help you negotiate the best possible price on your new car from start to finish.


1. Identify The Exact Car You Want.

Do you know the exact car, make, model, and packages you want? If so you are ready to use our report generator to build your car.


2. Tell Us Everything

After building your dream car, you will be taken to the payment information page. It is extremely important to fill out all information including the Possible Incentives/Rebates section. Answering these questions will help us identify any other savings you are entitled too.


3. Here is Your Report

Once we receive your order we will begin working on your personalized report. Within 1 business day we will email your completed report unlocking all the dealer secrets. Be sure to view our Edge Tools Page for detailed information on how to use the report.


4. Start Shopping

Contact a few dealerships in your area and see if they have the exact car you just built. Remember the car salesmen strategy is to get you into their dealership. Make sure they have the exact car and start your negotiations.


5. You Have the Power

Be strong, and don’t be afraid to walk away if the deal doesn’t look right. You will now have all the information to check it and confirm any pricing that has been given to you.


6. Enjoy Your New Car and Save an Average of $4,200

Congratulation on beating the dealer. Enjoy your new car as well as the money you saved in the process.  Feel free to brag to your friends along the way.

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