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How to Use the EDGE Report

Welcome to the Team! You are now on your way to beating the dealer. Below are some keys to a successful negotiation.

The Report Breakdown


The Edge Deal Tracker


We always recommend contacting multiple dealers when shopping for the best price on your new car. Whether calling, emailing, or visiting a dealership, Organization will be a key factor to your success. We have developed the Edge Deal Tracker which is the perfect companion to the Edge Report. The Edge Deal Tracker will  help you stay organized on all of information you have collected.

Download your PDF Deal Tracker here.

Once you have the Deal Tracker ware ready to start the process and contact some dealerships.


Communication Tips

Here’s a quick communication guide which will help you use the EDGE Report even more successfully.

1. Tell them your terms
“Hi I am looking to (Lease/Finance) a (Car, Make, Model, Year)”

2. Tell them about the car
“I spent some time building this online here is the MSRP (________) The car included the following: (List all packages and and add-ons)

3. Locate the Car
“Is this something you have in stock, would have to locate or factory order?”

4. Lets Talk Numbers
“I’m looking for a ______ term lease with _____ miles per year and… total due at signing including Transfer/New Plates _________ What is the best you can do?”
“What is the total out the door number including taxes, plates and fees? Can you give me a breakdown on that as well”

5. Don’t commit and be confident unless you get the EDGE report number or come close to it.
“Ok, thanks I will review the numbers and get back to you.

7. Move on to the next Dealer and go back to Step 1.

Play the game and be patient to arrive at the EDGE Report price.