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Another Happy Customer – Q&A

William from PA, used The Edge Report last week to close a deal on an Acura ILX. We asked William a few questions about his experience. To sum it up “This report is a serious game changer.” See the full Q&A below.

Have you ever have a bad car buying experience in the past? If so, can you describe briefly what happened.

Yes, several times. Previously when I was ready to make a deal the dealers would agree to a price and then once I was ready to sign everything the entire deal was different. There was no transparency with the dealers.

What was your strategy in using the Edge Report? Please describe the steps you took.

A day prior to leasing this car I went into the dealership to test-drive and get a quote from the salesman. The next day I visited the Car Buyer’s Edge website and built the same car I test drove. With the report in hand I called the sales manager and said these are my final numbers. He said to stop by quickly so he could review them. I showed him the numbers and said I am over my current lease by 4K miles. If you waive those and we can lease at this price you have a deal today. He agreed.

Please describe your experience using the report.

This was the easiest car leasing process I have ever had. Once I had the report in hand we had a deal within 20 minutes.

Any additional thoughts or feedback on the report?

When I’m negotiating a car lease I feel like I’m flying blind since I have no idea what the dealers bottom line is for the car. This report is a serious game changer.

Would you recommend to friends and family?

Absolutely, and I have already started. You guys are GREAT!

Additional comments/review..

The only time I will spend in a dealership in the future will be test-driving a car. I won’t even look at any numbers without a personalized Edge Report. I was a bit skeptical going into it since the numbers the dealership said were the ‘bottom line’ were so much higher than The Edge Report, but the proof was them accepting these numbers within 20 minutes of reviewing them. You guys literally saved me $2820 over a 36 month lease. The cost to me for the savings? $97.