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Ready to Buy a New Car? Let The Car Buyer’s Edge report save you time! Get the true new car pricing information in a detailed report. Understand what you should be paying for your new car. Know the true new car price you should be paying before you walk into the dealership.

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Be Prepared and Negotiate with Confidence. Your personalized Car Buyers Edge report will give you the the best pricing information available before you go to a dealer. Use the Edge Report to negotiate the best car price for your new vehicle.


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Your personalized Car Buyers Edge report is guaranteed to show you how to negotiate the best possible deal and save thousands on your new car or truck purchase. Get the information the dealership does not want you to have, and then get the best deal.

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Over 250 reports generated last month and we helped car shoppers save an average of $4,200!

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Secrets of the Car Sales Strategy
Secrets of the Car Sales Strategy
10 Basic Car Sales Negotiation Tips Negotiation is a bad word. Most car buyers don’t like the word and the use of it conjures up negative images and feelings. Stop using the word forever and change your vocabulary. If you look up the actual meaning of the word negotiation in the dictionary you will...
Car Dealer Secrets Revealed
Car Dealer Secrets Revealed
  INCENTIVES – REBATES – HOLDBACK – MONEY FACTORS LOYALTY – CONQUEST – EMPLOPYEE DISCOUNTS – And more… Never be fooled again. The ONLY source that unlocks the actual price you should be paying for your new car. On average, users save $4,200!
The Deal is Only Good Today
The Deal is Only Good Today
Dealerships love to pressure car buyers into thinking that a deal will not last and is only good for today. Don’t be scared to sleep on it. Unless its the end of the month automaker incentives and rebates will be changing for the new month, you can usually get the same deal or better...